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Hair Salon Insurance

Customized Insurance for Your Hair Salon

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Hair Salon Insurance That’s Made Just For You

All day, you’re looking at dye color swatches, putting on highlight foils, and cutting hair to perfection. You’re a hair connoisseur, which means you are the expert stylist people go to when they want to look their very best.

However, you probably aren’t an expert on small business insurance policies.

What Insurance Do Hair Salons Need?

The good news is, you don’t need to be - let Simply Business build a hair salon insurance policy that’s personalized just for you.

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Coverage Type

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Professional Liability Insurance for Hair Salons

Professional Liability insurance - which is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance) - is a type of policy that provides coverage in the event a customer alleges negligence from your professional services.

You set a standard and a guideline for the business you run for hair. As soon as a customer steps through your salon’s doors, your customer is expecting a wonderful experience from start to the finishing blow dry. If any part of your day results in an error or an alleged error from your or your staff, you’re at risk for receiving a claim. This is why it’s crucial for you to get Professional Liability insurance, as it may cover the costs for errors and omissions that occur during your job.

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General Liability Insurance For Hair Salons

General liability insurance is sometimes combined with professional liability insurance, but make sure you check to see if your coverage includes both options.

You run a busy place -- all day long, people are coming in and out of your salon for hair makeovers. With all the chaos of multiple hair stylists running around and moving customers from hair-sink to chair, it’s definitely plausible for an accident to occur. Someone could easily slip and fall on water that wasn’t mopped up quickly enough, or a chair could be knocked over and damage a wall. General Liability is so important because it may cover the costs of medical bills or repairs.

Learn more about General Liability Insurance.

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Hair Salons

Do you have full-time employees or part-time help? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely need workers compensation insurance. If someone who works for you gets hurt on the job, this coverage provides help with medical bills, lost wages, and any legal costs that relate to the injury.

Most states require any business with employees to have workers compensation insurance, so make sure you add it to your policy!

Learn more about workers compensation insurance.

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How Much Does Hair Salon Insurance Cost?

Not sure how much you might pay for coverage for your hair salon business? While there’s no one answer for how much your policy will cost, your final premium will usually be determined by:

  • The number of employees you have (including part-time and consultants)
  • Your location
  • Payroll
  • Revenue
  • And more

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