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12 of the Funniest Lawn and Landscaping Business Names!

Two women are laughing while looking at these funny landscaping company names

Sometimes, all it takes is a little humor to get your foot in the door with another company.

In this case, the foot in the door is a funny, catchy, or creative lawn care and landscaping name for your business. While there are hundreds of names to choose from regarding lawn care and lawn services, this list just hits the highlights. See if a name on this list strikes a chord with you, if you are looking to name a brand-new business.

Lawn & Order Landscaping, Acworth, Georgia

With a name like that, we’re expecting Detective Briscoe to come out of the woodwork with his patented brand of wisecracks to ask us a question or two, or maybe Assistant DA McCoy to grill us about where we were last night. This landscaping business, open in the suburbs of northern Atlanta, offers landscape installations of all varieties, as well as lawn and landscape services. Their motto is “great work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t great.”

The Sodfather: Lawn Care and Snow Blowing, New York

Just as with the previous name, this riff off the Corleone family could have you jumping at shadows, waiting for Don Vito, or running from Michael. The New York company offers landscaping (and design) services and snow blowing in the winter, which can be a big deal if you are used to living in the Northeast with snow… well… everywhere.

Kiss My Grass Lawncare, Douglasville, Georgia

Kiss My Grass Lawncare calls itself a locally owned grass company catering to the specific needs of Georgia grasses. This includes fertilizing, laying down mulch or pine straw for borders, tree and bush trimming, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and plant or flower installation. They also chemically treat lawns to get rid of bugs.

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The Lawn Ranger, The Woodlands, Texas

With a name like “The Lawn Ranger,” you’d expect this organization to be the best of the West, and there is a sheriff’s badge on their website, which means that they are ready to tame any lawn. The company has a fertilization program that helps lawns grow and remain healthy. They also provide lawn maintenance and landscaping. They must be pretty good at stopping weeds and growing grass, because the company has been voted “The Best of the Woodlands” eight years in a row.

Mow Betta Lawncare and Landscaping Companies

There are several companies with the same name in different areas of the country. Mow Betta Lawncare in League City, Texas specializes in lawn care services, including landscaping, hardscaping with rock, stone, trees, retaining walls, and so much more! There are also Mow Betta Lawncare or Landscaping Companies in Fort Collins, Colorado; in Street, Maryland; and in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Major Tom’s Ground Control

Interestingly, there is more than one business under the same name, which means there are a lot of people who are David Bowie fans. One Major Tom is located in Cincinnati. There is another ground control company with the same name who does all kinds of restorative landscaping in British Columbia.

Mow Town Landscaping

While there are a couple of other lawn care and landscaping locations in the United States with the same name, the best location with a name like this one has to be in Detroit. How could it not be? The company offers both lawn care and landscaping services with winterizing if the client wants. Snow and ice removal appear to be a large deal in the Upper Midwest. The company also has tree clipping, tree removal, and lawn clean ups — which might come in handy in a down with a lot of wind.

Dirty Hoe Landscaping, San Francisco, California

From the descriptions on the company website, it appears this company does really well at landscaping in small areas. San Francisco is not known for great expanses of yards, and this company manages to turn small spaces into beautifully cropped pieces of art. In addition, the company offers landscaping and irrigation services, which come in handy in California.

Pimp My Lawn, New Zealand

This company specializes in weeding and feeding lawns so they stay a beautiful New Zealand Green. They also provide aeration, reseeding and sodding for lawns. While this joke might be funny to anyone who was in their teens or 20s in the late 90s or the early 2000s, there are a whole lot of people who won’t get the joke.

Marquis de Sod, Miami, Florida

The lawn and landscaping company specializes in plants that can handle the heat and humidity in South Florida. The company is adept at managing the bugs and critters that destroy Florida lawns.

No Mow Worries Lawn Care, Jacksonville

This full care lawn company can keep your lawn looking great, and also, do weed prevention, pressure washing and debris removal. They pride themselves on their efficient, reasonably-priced lawn services.

Mowlicious Lawn and Landscape

Located in Topeka, Kansas, this lawn care company specializes in winterizing yards, leaf blowing, snow blowing and de-icing in addition to lawn care, which is important when you live in an area of the country prone to snow and ice. The company also does new beds with natural elements such as borders with rock from the nearby Kansas or Missouri rivers.

There are so many opportunities for you to have fun and capture customers’ attention in a snap, so feel free to try out a punny name and see how it boosts your business!

Once named, don’t forget to run a landscaping insurance quote to ensure you’re covered.

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