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Tailored Lawn Care Business Insurance

You take pride in protecting your clients’ lawns and gardens - but who’s protecting your business?

At Simply Business, we work with lawn care professionals, gardeners, and landscapers to build better business insurance policies. Whether you specialize in installing sod or designing magazine-worthy gardens, our policies will keep you covered while you’re working with customers.

Best of all, we won’t slow you down with complicated insurance lingo or a lengthy quote process. We know you’ve got better things to do with your time - like growing your business!

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What Coverage Do Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance Businesses Need?

Lawn care and garden maintenance businesses face a lot of unique risks on a day-to-day basis. What happens if your lawn care equipment accidentally causes damage? What if your employee gets hurt on a client’s property?

With so many potential risks, you need business insurance that keeps you protected - all while being affordable and flexible.

That’s where Simply Business comes in!

Lawn care insurance requirements vary based on where you’re located, but we usually recommend the following policies:

Lawn Care Liability Insurance

Lawn care liability insurance - also known as commercial general liability (CGL) or general liability - is a type of coverage that protects you from claims involving accidents, property damage, and some client lawsuits. Without lawn care liability insurance, you could find yourself personally liable if you or an employee causes any accidents or damage.

Let’s see what lawn care liability insurance looks like in action:

  • Accidents: Let’s say your lawn care equipment accidentally kicks up a small rock, which strikes your customer as they’re walking by in the driveway. Lawn care liability insurance can pay for your customer’s medical bills, so you don’t have to end up paying them yourself.

  • Property Damage: No matter what services you’re offering, you’re probably dealing with a lot of heavy lawn care equipment. What happens if that equipment ends up damaging something on your client’s property? Even a scratch on a home’s siding could end up costing you money. But if you have lawn care liability insurance, your policy will pay to repair those damages.

  • Client Lawsuits: Some client lawsuits can be covered by your lawn care liability insurance. For example, if you end up posting something about a client online and he or she decides to sue for slander, your policy can pay for your legal costs.

So what’s not covered by your commercial general liability insurance policy?

  • Employee injuries
  • Tool theft
  • Vehicles
  • Employment disputes

Learn more about liability insurance for landscapers.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance Businesses

If an employee gets sick or hurt while they’re on the job, your workers compensation policy can cover their medical bills and lost wages. This type of policy can also cover your legal fees if the employee decides to sue you for those injuries.

Workers compensation policies are required by law as soon as you hire your first employee, so it’s good to add it to your lawn care insurance coverage.

How Much Does Lawn Care Insurance Cost?

While there’s no one answer for how much lawn care insurance costs, you can get a good idea for how much you might pay based on:

  • The number of employees and subcontractors you work with
  • Your business’s location
  • The type of services you provide
  • And more

Want to find out how much your lawn care insurance will cost?

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