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Tailored Business Insurance for Painters and Decorators

You’ve got a knack for turning a client’s vision for their home into a beautiful reality. From transforming a kitchen into a warm and inviting space to repainting an entire three-story house, you spend a lot of time in other people’s homes.

Given the nature of your work, you need painters insurance to keep your business protected. After all, accidents can happen - and if you’re not covered, you could end up paying for damages from your own pocket.

At Simply Business, we specialize in tailored business insurance for painters, decorators, and everyone in between. Whether you provide exterior painting services or specialize in interior decorating, we can help you find coverage that customized just for you.

With Simply Business, we help you focus on what really matters - building your business!

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What Insurance Coverage Do Painters and Decorators Need?

Painters and decorators face a lot of risks based on the kind of services they offer, the location they’re based in, and how many employees they have. That’s why Simply Business makes it easy to tailor your coverage, so you only pay for what you need.

So what kind of insurance policy should you start with? Take a look at these painters insurance requirements:

Liability Insurance for Painters and Decorators

Liability insurance for painters and decorators is a type of policy that covers you and your business in case of:

  • Damages: Whether you broke off siding or knocked over a client’s prized vase, unintentional damages can happen. That’s when your liability insurance policy can help, as it can cover the costs of repairing and/or replacing damaged property or items.

  • Accidents: If an accident happens, liability insurance can keep your business protected. For example, if a client walks into the living room you’re repainting and ends up tripping over your tarp, your policy can cover the cost of medical bills. It can also cover legal costs, should your client decide to sue your business.

  • Lawsuits: Whether you accidentally injure a client through negligence or a customer accuses you of slander on social media, your general liability policy can protect your business. Your policy can cover the costs of an attorney to defend you, as well as pay out any resulting claims.

Liability insurance for painters and decorators may also be called general liability insurance or commercial general liability (CGL) insurance.

Liability insurance for painters and decorators usually doesn’t cover:

  • Workers compensation claims
  • Tool theft
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Professional claims
  • Employment disputes

Learn more about commercial general liability insurance for painters and decorators.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Painters and Decorators

If you’ve started hiring employees or subcontractors, you’re legally required to take out a workers compensation insurance for painters and decorators.

This type of business insurance covers you in case an employee gets sick or injured on the job. It can also pay for lost wages; in some cases, your workers compensation policy could even cover the costs of rehabilitating and retraining an employee who was injured while working.

Workers compensation insurance for painters and decorators can also come in handy in case an employee decides to sue you for an injury or illness. For example, if your employee fell off a faulty ladder and broke his leg, he could sue you for his medical bills, as well as pain and suffering. The costs of these types of lawsuits can be enormous, which is why workers compensation insurance is so important for small businesses.

Learn more about workers compensation insurance for painters and decorators.

How Much Does Painting Insurance Cost?

It can be tough to nail down the exact cost of painting insurance, as each policy depends on factors like:

The number of employees and subcontractors you work with The areas you serve The types of projects you specialize in How long you’ve been in business

Fortunately, it doesn’t take very long to get a few painting insurance quotes for your business. Just click here to answer a few of questions to learn how much your painting insurance will cost.