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What you do, how many employees you have, and other aspects of your business play into how much coverage you may need. With our online quote tool, we can quickly get the info we need to help find professional liability coverage for your business.

Good news! You can usually deduct insurance premiums as a business expense. As always, we recommend talking to an accountant or tax professional about your business tax returns. And if you have any business insurance questions, we’re here to help!

In most cases, yes. The IRS considers your policy payments to be a business expense. Keep in mind that you should always seek out the advice of an accountant or tax professional when filing your business taxes.

Like many other insurance premiums, your workers’ comp premiums likely qualify as a business tax deduction. As with anything related to taxes, it’s a good idea to talk with an accountant or other tax professional who is familiar with your business.

A lot depends on the type of business you own, the services you provide, and how many employees you might have. Not to worry. Small business insurance (like General Liability and Workers Comp) is all we do, so we can get you covered fast and easily online or on the phone.

Businesses are different. Coverages are different. So costs can vary as well. But that’s why we’re here. We get small business. So we can get you covered quickly, easily, and affordably. Online or on the phone.