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You’ve put time, experience, and sweat equity into your housekeeping business. Make sure your hard work is protected with business insurance.

Simply Business® can help with that. We work with leading providers to offer a range of commercial policies, and we can tailor your policy to fit your housekeeping business’s needs.

Whether you want to cover your equipment in the event of theft or avoid paying out of pocket if a third-party is injured as a result of your work, we can help you find insurance that’s a good fit for your line of work.

In just 10 minutes, we can typically find you one or more insurance quotes. Then you just compare to find the options and select which plan best meets your business’s needs. We’ll work within your budget to help you find the right value and payment plan.

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Policies typically available for housekeeping businesses:

  • General liability insurance
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Business insurance benefits can:

  • Protect your business from certain claims.
  • Cover damages caused by your negligence.
  • Help clients feel better knowing you’re insured.
  • Be legally required where you’re located.

What Types of Insurance for Housekeeping Are There?

There are a number of different types of insurance policies that a housekeeping business might need, each providing different coverage. These policies can help protect your business from footing the bill for common housekeeping claims. Let’s take a look at the different business insurance policies recommended for housekeepers.

General Liability Insurance

The first type of coverage recommended for housekeepers is general liability insurance (GL). It can cover claims resulting from property damage, accidents, and bodily injury to a third party such as a client or visitor.

With additional coverage in the form of contents coverage, a GL policy may take care of the cost of replacing equipment that was lost or damaged as a result of your housekeeping work.

So why is general liability recommended for housekeeping businesses? In short: it can help you avoid paying out of pocket for costly claims that are covered by the policy.

Working in people’s homes comes with many risks. Homes can be sacred spaces, and accidents happen. If damage occurs to the home, its contents, or to the homeowners themselves, it could lead to costly claims and even lawsuits. General liability can help by covering those costs and legal fees.

Typically, a general liability policy may cover:

  • Bodily injury to a third-party (e.g., a client)
  • Third-party property damage
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Medical expenses
  • And more

It generally will not cover:

  • Damage to your own property
  • Professional services
  • Workers’ compensation or injury to your employees
  • Damage to your work
  • Motor vehicles while in business use
  • Expected or intentional injury or damage
  • And more

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If your housekeeping business has employees, workers’ compensation insurance may be a legal requirement. This coverage can provide financial protection to you, your employees, and your business if any employees are injured or become ill at work.

Workers’ comp guidelines vary somewhat, depending on your location, but the coverage is a common legal requirement in many states. But it’s not just a requirement — it can save you from paying for costly medical bills and wage replacement out of pocket.

Workers’ comp also can help in the event an employee sues your business after sustaining a work-related injury or illness.

Workers’ compensation insurance for housekeepers can cover:

  • Medical payments
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Death benefits

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance helps protect any tools and equipment you use in transport or at a secondary work location (such as a client’s home).

For instance, if you’ve been hired as a housekeeper, you’ll probably have some cleaning and organizational equipment you bring with you for work. If any of that property is stolen or damaged on the job, inland marine may help you recoup the financial losses so you can replace what’s missing.

It can financially protect your business from occurrences like:

  • Damage to business property
  • Theft of business property
  • Vandalism
  • And more

Why pay out of pocket for lost or damaged tools? Inland marine may just have you covered.


Why Do I Need Housekeeping Insurance?

Accidents are inevitable. While it’s important not to dwell on what could happen, you’ll likely not regret being prepared for the worst with business insurance for housekeepers. Also, workers’ comp policies specifically may be legally required, depending on where you conduct business.

General liability and inland marine insurance may not be legally required for your small business, but they can still be valuable protection for when you need it most.

By working in clients’ homes, your housekeeping operation will encounter a very specific set of risks. Having insurance will not only help in the event of a claim, but it also may reassure your clients that the work you’re providing comes with financial protection should an accident occur.


Housekeeper Insurance FAQs

In general, insurance for housekeeping is not a legal requirement. However, there’s a good chance you’ll be required to carry workers’ comp insurance if you have employees.

While neither general liability nor inland marine are usually required by law, these policies may still be beneficial to have if disaster strikes.

Generally speaking, premium payments for your workers’ comp, inland marine, and general liability policies are likely to be tax-deductible, as they’re considered business expenses. Be sure to check with an accountant or tax advisor to make sure.

The amount of coverage you should have will depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • Your payroll
  • The location of your business
  • The annual revenue of your business
  • The specific services you provide as a housekeeper
  • And more

A good way to determine the right coverage for you is to work with a small business insurance expert. At Simply Business, small business insurance is what we do. We can help you navigate the insurance-buying process and advise you on coverage options so you’re in a better position to select the policies that are fit for your business.

A great place to start is with an agent or online. You can get a free online quote with Simply Business in under 10 minutes. We’ll help you shop coverage options from various leading commercial insurance carriers and find what your business needs.

Business insurance for housekeepers refers to a variety of different policy types. Your coverage, therefore, will depend on the policies you carry. If you have workers’ comp, general liability, and inland marine, your coverage will typically include risks such as:

  • Bodily injury to clients and other third parties
  • Third-party property damage
  • Loss, theft, or damage to work equipment used in transit or away from your business’s premises
  • Medical bills and lost wages for employees injured on the job

Because there’s no singular housekeeping insurance policy — rather, a selection of different types of coverage — there’s no straightforward estimated premium cost. Prices will vary among policy types. Similar to how much coverage you may need, your premium also will be calculated based on things like:

  • Your payroll
  • Where you do business
  • The range of services you offer
  • Your revenue
  • The cost of your assets
  • How many employees you have, if any

More factors may be taken into account when determining your housekeeping insurance cost. Try our online housekeeping insurance quote tool to see how much insurance would cost for your business.


Why Choose Simply Business?

Simply Business knows how much time, effort, and skill you’ve dedicated to your housekeeping business. Helping you protect your business is our top priority.

That’s why we’ve made finding business insurance for housekeepers convenient and easy.

As one of the fastest-growing names in business insurance, thousands of small business owners trust us to protect what they’ve built. We work with trusted insurance carriers to help you find and compare free quotes for commercial policies. We’ll help tailor your coverage so you have everything your small business needs.

So why choose Simply Business? Well, simply put:

We’re fast and affordable. We’ll have free business insurance for housekeeping quotes ready in under 10 minutes, because who wants to spend hours learning about insurance?

We’re human. Insurance can be complicated. But whether you’re browsing our site or talking to one of our agents, you’ll quickly discover that we’re pretty down-to-earth and are ready to help make insurance as simple as possible.

We get your business. Forget one-size-fits-all insurance. Your business isn’t cookie-cutter — why should your insurance be? Get the protection your housekeeping business may need, when you need it the most.

You’ve worked hard to build your housekeeping business. That’s why we offer among the best coverage options to protect it.

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