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Tailored Insurance For Contractors

As a contractor, you know that every day is different. One day you’re working on a client’s site, and the next you might be working out of your home office. That’s why you need business insurance that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

At Simply Business, we build unique and highly specific policies for contractors like you. You’ll get only what you need; no overpaying for coverage that doesn’t fit your needs.

That’s the Simply Business promise!

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What Is Contractors Insurance?

Contractors insurance is a type of coverage that’s ideal for people who serve different clients and customers, but are self-employed. Most contractors insurance policies include general liability coverage.

What Does Contractors Insurance Cover?

The great thing about contractors business insurance at Simply Business is that it can be tailored to cover your exact needs, within the timeframe you need it. Whether you need a short-term policy or liability coverage, we can help.

What Insurance Coverage Do Contractors Need?

The type of contractors insurance coverage you might need depends on the service or product you provide. For example, if you work on construction sites, you’ll probably need different coverage than a janitorial cleaning service.

That’s why Simply Business usually starts by recommending the following contractors insurance requirements:

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

General liability insurance for contractors - also known as commercial general liability (CGL) or general liability - is a type of policy that covers you in case of financial and legal costs resulting from accidents, property damage, and even reputational damage. Without this coverage, you and your family could be required to pay for these damages out of your own pocket.

Want to see what general liability insurance for contractors looks like in action?

  • Property damage: If you spend a lot of time on client properties, you definitely need to protect yourself. For example, if you end up accidentally damaging property in any way, your general liability policy can cover the resulting repair costs.

  • Accidents: Accidents happen all the time, which is why you need general liability protection. For example, if a client decides to sue you over an accident on his or her property, your policy can cover the cost of damages and legal fees.

  • Reputational damage: If you end up saying something slanderous about a client or customer, you could end up getting hit with a lawsuit over reputational damage. If that happens, your general liability policy can cover legal fees and any court-ordered payments.

Wondering what’s not covered by a general liability insurance policy? Take a look:

  • Employee injuries
  • Vehicle damage
  • Tool theft
  • Employee lawsuits

Learn more about General Liability Insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Contractors

If you’re a contractor but work with other employees, you need workers compensation insurance. This type of policy protects your business in case someone gets injured or sick on the job, even if they’re not your full-time employee.

Workers compensation insurance can protect you if:

  • An employee injuries himself while on the job, as this policy can cover medical costs and lost wages.
  • That employee decides to sue you, in which case your workers compensation coverage can cover legal costs, payouts, and any other damages.

Learn more about workers compensation insurance here.

How Much Does Contractors Insurance Cost?

Here at Simply Business, we typically base the cost of your contractors insurance on:

  • The number of employees and subcontractors you work with
  • Your location
  • The type of services or products you provide
  • And more

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