[Infographic] What Makes a Small Business Owner Successful?

Ever found yourself wondering what makes a small business owner successful?

Sometimes it might feel like some small business owners just get lucky – and they certainly can! But don’t let that fool you. It takes a lot of hard work, a ton of hours spent on the job, and an incredible amount of grit to make a business work. Plus, successful small businesses owners are passionate about giving customers what they actually want – not what they _ think _ their customers want.

Ready to harness the secrets of successful small business owners for yourself? Check out our infographic below:

They Focus on the Right Stuff

  1. Know what’s important to your customers.A great business idea won’t get off the ground if customers aren’t interested. Design your business around your customers’ wants and needs.
  2. Identify what makes you different.Let customers know why they should work with you instead of competitors.
  3. Obsess over customer service.“Surprising and delighting” customers should be your motto. Show up early, smile often, and put 100% into your work.

They Prepare for the Feast and the Famine

  1. Save during your busy season.If you do seasonal work, save as much as possible so you can get through the slower periods.
  2. Re-invest back in your business.If you’re making more money than expected, look for ways to put it back in your business.
  3. Track your yearly sales.Knowing when to expect your busiest and slowest seasons can help you prepare better for the future.

They Recognize What They Can’t Do

  1. Hire complementary talent.Find employees who can do the things you can’t do, so you can offer more to your customers.
  2. Find partnerships.If there’s a service your customers need but you don’t provide, work out a deal with other businesses to fill those gaps.
  3. Don’t let ego hold you back.Successful owners can’t do it alone. Don’t let any ego stop you from asking for help when you need it.

They Take a Mental Break

  1. Spend time with family and friends.Your personal relationships can help keep you sane during tough times.
  2. Take a vacation.Finding vacation time is tough as a business owner, but find ways to unplug when you need it.
  3. Don’t drop your hobbies.If there’s an activity that brings you joy, keep doing it. Don’t sacrifice everything for your business.

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Mariah Bliss

I love writing about the small business experience because I happen to be a small business owner – I’ve had a freelance copywriting business for over 10 years. In addition to that, I also head up the content strategy here at Simply Business. Reach out if you have a great idea for an article or just want to say hi!
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