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The Funniest Handyman and Contractor Business Names Out There

4-minute read

Man and woman sit and laugh together while looking at funny handyman business names
Stephanie Clarke

Stephanie Clarke

10 December 2018

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We’ve been scouring the globe for some eye-catching names as a follow-up to our funny lawn and landscape names, and of course, we’ve found a few.

Be prepared, some of these names aren’t so pretty--some of them are one step short of dirty--but all of them are hilarious!

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Check Out These Hilarious Handyman and Contractor Business Names!

No Spouse in the House Handyman Services, Laguna Woods, California

This handyman service carries the theme all the way through, with old ambulances as their company trucks. They specialize in monthly maintenance plans, such as changing light bulbs and air filters, but they also take care of small projects in the house as well. In fact, No Spouse in the House has handymen that are able to fix small plumbing issues, such as leaky pipes or stopped up toilet. What a great name for a company that can cover a variety of your small repair and construction needs.

Stiff Nipples Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors, London, United Kingdom

Leave it to the Brits to come up with what has got to be the most eye-opening name for a contracting company we have ever seen. That being said, this company is no joke. Not only do they fix broken heating and air conditioning units in homes and apartments, they also have mobile service for cars as well. The service can also install new systems, either in existing homes, offices, and other buildings or as a part of new construction. They have 24-hour a day service, so it is safe to say if your heat or air conditioning goes out in the London area, these guys could get your---service back up in no time.

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The Trusty Wrench, Glenwood, Iowa

Glenwood, Iowa is a small town of just over 5000 people to the southeast of Omaha, Nebraska. Given that it is a handyman business located in a small town, you’d want a name that would help you stand out. The Trusty Wrench harkens back to the days of pubs and busty women who would gladly serve up some tall mugs of brew. Unlike the slightly sexually suggestive name, the business is all about making your home look its best. The handymen at The Trusty can do just about anything from gutter cleaning and repair to blowing snow off your roof (which comes in handy in the Midwest) to building new cabinet doors and redoing walls and stairs. The company does plumbing and electrical work as well, so when your toilet stops up or your ceiling fan stops working, you can give them a call within a 50-mile radius of Glenwood.

One and Done Handyman, Kansas City

What is not to like about the name One and Done Handyman? The company serves the greater Kansas City area. This company, unlike some of the handyman services, which are a one-person business, One and Done has many people working for the company, and all of them are licensed, bonded, and recommended by Home Advisor. The employees can do small services, such as changing light bulbs and air filters, repairing baseboards, and cleaning out dryer vents. The business also does installations of ceiling fans, flatscreen TVs, and new light fixtures. One and Done also does interior and exterior painting and tile work. They will also stain your decks, and they handle deck repair as well. Doesn’t seem like they are one and done after all. 671

Annie Does What Honey Don’t Contractor and Handyman Service, Spring, Texas

This woman-owned business has been operating in the Houston, Texas suburb of Spring for over 37 years. It is a full-service business, and because they are contractors and handymen, you could use them for nearly anything that has to do with your home. They handle slab and foundation repair, accessibility design, repair and construction; plumbing and electrical work, painting and substantial remodeling of any room in your home. The service can also handle minor work as well--from tile repair to window sill redo’s -- one of the few full-service companies we’ve seen with a funny name. What more could you ask for?

Carl’s Pane in the Glass Handyman, Garland, Texas

Our last entry in the funny handyman and contractor services category is another Texas entry--Carl’s Pane in the Glass Handyman Services in a suburb of Dallas. Carl’s handles all forms of glass repair. If you have a broken mirror, Carl’s can fix it. Window broken? No problem. Unlike other glass repair services, Carl’s also can fix solar panels--which is becoming increasingly important, as more and more homes are adding solar panels to their houses. The company also works on backsplashes and glass tile repair, as well as shower glass.

An Honorable Mention: Double D Electrical Contractors, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It makes sense there would be a company named Double D Electric so close to Mardi Gras and New Orleans. This electrical company offers both commercial and residential electrical contracting work and repairs, in addition to installing electrical grids, boxes and new wiring for homes and businesses. The company is licensed, bonded and insured.

All Kidding Aside, You Need More than a Funny Name for Business Success!

We know there were some uproariously funny names in our handyman and contractor section. However, we delivered those names to you with a tongue in cheek. A funny name doesn’t always guarantee you success. An example of what we are talking about would be the Honey Don’t Handyman Service--great name, but the business closed.

So while a name should catch people’s attention and make them want to learn more about your business, your business name only gets you so far. You want to make sure your customers get top-shelf service at a reasonable price. You want to strive for long-lasting relationships with your clients, because they will continue to patronize your business and give you good recommendations. If you treat people fairly, they will reward you by happily writing testimonials and reviews about your business on review sites and your own website. You want your customers to know that you pay attention to them, and that you are fair and honest.

If you can come up with a funny name for your business, that’s great, but more importantly, if you can come up with a name, and give great customer service--then you are really onto something special before you even open your doors!

When you've named your business, don't forget to get a handyman insurance quote to make sure you're covered.

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