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The Most Hilarious and Creative Small Business Names

5-minute read

Stephanie Clarke

Stephanie Clarke

13 December 2018

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What you call your business is vitally important. So important in fact that some people spend months trying to figure out what to call their businesses.

You take your time, you think about the impression you want to give your customers, and then you name your business. Some people get it right the first time, and the results are amazing!

That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet to find you some names that are amazingly clever, hilarious, and memorable.

Introducing the Funniest Small Business Names…

Juan in a Million Restaurant, Austin, Texas

Juan and his wife, both school teachers, began their restaurant in 1980 as a way to introduce their family’s Mexican food with their adopted hometown of Austin. While Juan’s has multiple locations and also caters, they still have the original location in East Austin. Unlike many Mexican restaurants, Juan’s is open for breakfast and is rumored to have some of the best breakfast burritos in the country, so if you are in the area, you may want to check them out and see if they truly are “Juan in a million”. The restaurant is also home to the “Don Juan challenge”, which means that if you can consume more than nine huge tacos, you win a t-shirt and a free meal.

The Codfather Fish and Chips, Charleston, South Carolina

We love this restaurant’s name, whose specialty is fish and chips in the British fashion, with beer batter, served in paper. The Codfather uses a British theme throughout the restaurant and has become a fixture of sorts in the expat community as well as people who just love British food. The Codfather has gotten rave reviews for its food, especially the beer battered fish. In addition, The Codfather also is a fixture in the local community, with charity giveaways, and arts festivals in the courtyard.

Thai Tanic Tanning Salon, Los Angeles, California

Thai Tanic, complete with a sinking ship cut in half for its logo, has many different kinds of tanning available. The salon has spray tans to give you that Pacific glow or you may choose to lie in a tanning bed. The salon also runs specials for frequent tanners and even has a frequent customer card so that customers can get a free tan. In Southern California, having all-year color is a good thing, but looking older is not, so we can see why this business might be needed for people who like to look tan year round.

Bon-a-Pet-Treat Dog Bakery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This combination pet supply store and dog treat bakery has been in the area for some time. The owner of the store began baking dog treats in her home and has gradually expanded her business. Don’t let the name fool year, the store also carries cat treats as well as cat supplies. The bakery hosts special events, such as pictures with your pet and Santa, and has a booth at the annual Calgary Stampede, which is a rodeo, festival, and carnival rolled into one. It is the largest even the town has all year. All of the treats at the bakery are made in the store, with natural ingredients, and they do gift baskets.

Ink About It, Wakeford, Massachusetts

Ink About It offers all sorts of paper and art supplies, with an online nationwide clientele. The store has offerings for scrapbookers, and people who like to journal. Artists may find something to like in this store as well, because many different types of pens, brushes, and pastels are in supply. The store offers classes as well in scrapbooking, die cutting, and stamping. The owner has been a self-described pen and ink and paper nut since childhood, so the title of her store fits her well.

Wichcraft, New York City

This is an easily-identifiable company, created by two chefs with years of experience in the New York City area. The two chefs wanted to create a better sandwich, using sustainable resources and with locally sourced ingredients. The two guys even make their own condiments. Wichcraft has five locations throughout the city. While most of the shops offer breakfast and lunch, a couple of the locations have dinner sandwiches, beer, and wine as well. The shop offers delivery and catering.

Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom, Los Angeles Area

This business is a full-service dog salon, with grooming, boarding, and doggy day care available. Indiana Bones began serving customers in the northwestern suburbs of Los Angeles in 1991 and opened a second store in 2000. They connect with their clients in a variety of meet and greets, and they continue to look after the welfare clients after they have passed on, crossing over their rainbow bridge and becoming memorialized on their website. The shops even hold a remembrance service for their clients once a year. They truly want to be seen as family, according to their website. By the way, the owner is a huge Indiana Jones fan, in case you hadn’t guessed.

Austin Flowers, London

A large Mike Meyers fan, the owner of Austin Flowers also sells fruits and vegetables, because his specialty is fresh produce. However, he thought making the title of his store name “Fruit, Vegetables and Produce” would not catch people’s attention, but “Austin Flowers” would. The store offers a variety of in-season fruits, veggies, and flowers, depending on the time of year. The little shop with the funny name has a reputation in the neighborhood of having the freshest fruits and veggies in the area.

Jean Claude Van Man Movers, London

Of course, the greatest quirky shop names are in the United Kingdom. This business is no exception. The owner began his business moving people on weekends off from his regular job but then decided to go into moving full time. The business specializes in local moves, in-country moves, and even international moves. The owner is a master at getting things through the channels and across the Channel. While he may have started his business with vans, the business also has larger trucks to move anything you have anywhere you need.

Curl Up and Dye, Calhoun, Georgia

The owner of this punny salon open in the Appalachian Mountains on the border between North Carolina and Georgia wanted to stand out in an area frequented by people from metro Atlanta who have mountain homes in the area. The area is full of nature lovers with lots of outdoor activities. In other words, the owner needed a way to stand out amongst the canoe rentals and mountain trail guides. Curl Up and Dye is a full-service salon offering cuts, colors, highlights, facials, and other beauty treatments. The salon has stylists that do extensions, as well as different types of hair--so anyone of any ethnic background can get a good cut or style.

Jack the Stripper Furniture Stripping and Refinishing, London

Not only is the name interesting, but considering the shop is located in serial killer Jack the Ripper’s hometown of London makes it all the more interesting. The gentleman who owns the shop has been a furniture stripper and refinisher for decades. He offers pickup and dropoff service, and he will be happy to give you an estimate if you need one. The business also strips and refinishes wood floors as well.

Cycology Mobile Bike Repair, Portland, Oregon

The Oregon area has a ton of bicycle riders. There are people who ride bikes along the street, there are clients with racing bikes who race competitively and there are individuals who love to mountain bike, taking advantage of the beautiful Portland weather. The owner of Cycology has been riding bikes for all of his life and began repairing his friend’s bikes as a teenager. He is well versed in repairs for all types of bikes, and he is the first one to tell you that he needs to ride to maintain his mental health. Cycology will drive to wherever your bike breaks down and can fix nearly anything that goes wrong with your favorite ride.

What do you think of these funny small business names? Let us know any funny ones you’ve seen!

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