Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

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Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

This is an important question. Professional liability insurance protects your business if you or your employees make mistakes during the course of your work. This is why most business owners buy professional liability insurance, as the coverage provides a safeguard against expensive claims that may be filed based on mistakes or negligent actions.

Is Professional Liability Insurance Required By Law?

Each individual state has specific laws governing the requirements of operating a small business, including which insurance coverage you may need. Knowing the exact laws for your state can be a hassle — that’s why Simply Business can quickly and accurately determine how much coverage you need.

Keep in mind that even though you may not be legally bound to have professional liability insurance, the coverage can provide you with a competitive edge and peace of mind.

At Simply Business, our licensed insurance agents are dedicated to helping you understand the ins and outs of professional liability insurance and how to secure the best coverage for your business!

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Is Your Business Insured?

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