DIY Fails That Will Make You LOL Then Cry

Fact: You’ve probably had customers that thought they could master DIY

Tile mess

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Maybe they’ve been influenced by too much HGTV

Granite countertops


Or maybe they saw something on Pinterest that looked pretty easy

BBQ pit

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But you know better

Oh no baby, what is you doin

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When customers tackle projects on their own, bad things can happen

Bad things

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They might not use the right tools


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Or know how to avoid simple mistakes


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They definitely don’t take safety as seriously as you do


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So it’s no surprise when they finally ask you to fix their messes

Door falls apart

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“I’ve never done DIY before, I don’t know what happened!”


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You’ve seen some real disasters in your time


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Which is why I can’t get enough of DIY fails like these

via America’s Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

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