The Best Cleaning Business Names We’ve Heard in a Long Time

The best cleaning business names are memorable and funny, like the ones these people are reading about on their phone.

Perhaps more than any other business, what you call your cleaning business is vitally important.

Think about that for a minute. If you are interested in beginning a cleaning business, and you call it “Dirty Mind Cleaning”–that doesn’t exactly bring to mind memories of clean or sparkling. What’s in a name is everything.

In fact, naming your business is so important that people agonize months at a time trying to find the perfect ideas for a name to call their new business. But when you find the perfect name for your business, the results can be amazing.

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Once again, we have taken to the internet to give you examples of cleaning business names that are creative, fun, and so, so memorable.

Our Favorite Cleaning Business Names

The Cleaning Fairy, London

There are actually several cleaning businesses around the world called The Cleaning Fairy, but there are not many businesses that have been as successful as this woman-owned company in northeast London. The company was begun by a woman who was taking a break from working to care for her two young children, and began a cleaning business on the side. Her business grew exponentially, and she has grown from no employees to over 20 in five years.

The Cleaning Fairy offers both home and business cleaning, as well as specialized cleaning service, such as move in or move out cleaning, and chambermaid service. The business also conducts a laundry service with washing and ironing, as well as pickup and delivery service.

Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service, Macon, Georgia

This self-described Disney fanatic loves swooping into people’s houses like the fairy godmother from Cinderella and making them clean and spotless. This is a small operation, again started by a woman, that offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings. The business also offers specialized cleaning for the holidays, as well as move in and move out service.

Gettin’ Dirty Cleaning Service, Manistee Service, Manistee, Michigan

The cleaning service in the UP of Michigan offers different types of cleaning along with the traditional daily, weekly and monthly services, such as move in or move out cleaning. The service also offers cleaning for the holiday season, as well as quarterly deep cleaning. What is most interesting about this company is that it also offers a painting service.

Not only does the service offer room painting services, they also offer specific painting services. For example, the website offers to paint all 32 NFL logos in your son’s room if he (or your daughter for that matter) is interested in football. The service can paint pretty much anything you want painted on the walls of a house, which is a nice add-on to a cleaning service.

Life is Maid Cleaning Service, Farmington, New Hampshire

This small town service takes clients within 30 miles from the Farmington, New Hampshire area. In addition to the usual offers of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning, Life Is Maid also offers specialized bathroom and kitchen cleaning and disinfecting, which sounds heavenly if you are trying to clean up for the holidays or after the illness of your entire family during the holiday season.

This company also offers discounts for its social media users, which further strengthens their presence on social media.

Maid to Clean Cleaning Service

Like all of the names in the article that we have talked about, this cleaning service – located in the Alexandria, Virginia area – specializes in green cleaning services. While a lot of people are not so concerned about what is used during cleaning (so long as the house is clean), a growing number of people want a cleaning service that is used for green cleaning only.

Green cleaning is a type of cleaning service that uses only products that are naturally derived. Many people with allergies and asthma prefer green cleaning, as do people with pets. This service takes green cleaning very seriously, even creating a butterfly and bee garden at its headquarters. This business is also one of the only cleaning services that contributes a portion of their profits to charity.

Filth Fighters Cleaning Service, Ventura, California

The name of this cleaning service evokes images of a superhero combatting dirt all through your house, doesn’t it? The service offers both regularly-scheduled services, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleanings, but it also offers deep quarterly cleanings.

Move in and move out cleanings are also offered as well. This service will also decorate your house for the holidays or remove decorations for you when the holidays are through, which is a great idea for an extra add on for a cleaning service.

The cleaning service is an example of a service that also shares a name with other cleaning services in the United States. There is a cleaning business with the same name in Knoxville, Tennessee and in Miami, Florida.

The Butler Did It Cleaning Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The cleaning company specializes in the cleaning of luxury homes and businesses in Santa Fe. While there is seriousness to the business, it also has a funny name, which means the owner does have a sense of humor. Because the company’s focus is on luxury cleaning, they are one of the only cleaning companies we have noticed that are licensed and bonded–which is a good idea if you are cleaning homes filled with priceless artwork and jewelry.

In addition, the cleaning company also offers house sitting services, gardening services and catering serving services–but you must be a current client in order to be eligible for these additional services. The service also offers different types of cleaning, including cleaning using environmentally friendly materials and deep cleaning for the holidays.

She Has A Name Cleaning Service, Columbus, Ohio

While the name of the business started out as a joke, the service they provide is quite real. She Has a Name Cleaning Service is a cleaning business that was originated to help women escape human trafficking or domestic violence. Women who are in shelters for either human trafficking or domestic violence can secure jobs with a licensed bonded company, which means that they are earning money to get themselves into permanent housing.

The company was begun by a former victim of domestic violence, and is completely woman owned and woman operated. In addition to business and house cleaning, the service also offers seasonal cleaning and move in or move out cleaning. Commercial cleaning is also offered so that businesses can take advantage of the opportunity. Best of all, a portion of the money spent on the business is tax deductible.

Whether you are interested in cleaning business names for yourself or for a friend, it is important to choose a name for the cleaning company that best represents your personality and what your business is going to stand for.

Don’t forget to look around at names before you decide a particular name is the cleaning business name for you. Good luck, and happy business-name hunting!

A Cleaning Business Isn’t Successful with Just A Clever Name

Sure, all of the names we mention here really contribute to helping a cleaning business grow a brand and reputation for their services. But in the end, success is a complex equation, including many other factors and variables (things like obtaining a cleaning business license come to mind).

One of those variables is business insurance. We love to talk about the fun things (like clever cleaning business names), but we also have to cover our bases. Make sure that your business and projects are protected by business insurance for cleaners.

This way, should something go wrong while you’re on the job for a customer–maybe a customer slips and falls on a freshly mopped floor, spraining their wrist, for example. Having business insurance could help cover you for the price of reimbursing the hospital bill for a wrist splint. Not only will investing in a policy help you feel more secure, but it could even help you win a customer when bidding on a cleaning job.

Have fun creating your cleaning business name, and once that’s settled, don’t forget to run a cleaning business insurance quote.

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