The Catchiest Real Estate Company Names Out There

These catchy real estate company names can help inspire your own business ideas, like this agent jotting down names.

Ready to strike out on your own, and start your own real estate agency? Congratulations!

Part of beginning your real estate agency is branding your agency with a name and a logo. You don’t want to create some basic, everyday name that can be duplicated a million times in a million different areas. You want a name that stands out, so that people can instantly associate your brand with you and your company.

Stuck on how to come up with a good name? Not the creative name type?

No problem. We’ll cover the most memorable real estate company names out there, as well as tips you can use to name your own real estate business.

The 4 Best Real Estate Company Names

The Most On-Brand Name: Heartland Real Estate Company

Heartland Real Estate Company is located in Clay Center, Kansas, which is close to Fort Riley, one of the largest military bases in the country, home to nearly 40,000 active service members, reserves, employees and their families.

The word “Heartland” serves multiple purposes in terms of branding. First, heartland speaks of the Midwest, which is often called the heartland of America. In addition, “heartland” speaks of warmth and invitation, which is always a nice thing to have if you are selling real estate in the Midwest.

The logo for the Heartland Real Estate Company is a rough outline of the state of Kansas with a heart in the middle, which again speaks of warmth and hospitality. The website also demonstrates a love of the area, and an understanding of the area and its needs, with backgrounds on the website that consists of wheat and sunflowers — both symbols of Kansas in general.

The owner of the agency grew up in the area, went to school in the area, and she states on the website that her mission is to help people fall in love with their new homes and the area as much as she has. She also speaks of her time in real estate in the area, which would be comforting to people looking to buy a house in the area.

While this logo and name are relatively simple, the concept of the real estate agency is simple and understated –perfect for the market.

The Most Traditional Name: Legacy Ventures

The owners of Legacy Ventures, headquartered in Atlanta, wanted a title for their company that would demonstrate they wanted their company to have a lasting impact on the city of Atlanta, which has a legacy all its own.

The owners of the company have been in the area since 1970, when one of the owners began working in construction in the downtown Atlanta area. The partnership was founded in 1994, right before the Olympic Games came to Atlanta in 1996, when the group purchased five undeveloped acres of land in downtown Atlanta.

The site was used by the company to house sponsors for the games, and they received a development grant to develop the property after the Olympics –this property became the first hotel opened in Downtown Atlanta in over a decade.

With the success of their first property, Legacy Ventures continued to buy old buildings in the downtown Atlanta area and repurpose them, winning multiple awards for property sale and development. Their logo adheres to the partners’ desire to leave a favorable impression on the city of Atlanta, where all of them were born and raised.

The branding speaks of a long partnership between the partners, as well as business expertise and experience in the Atlanta area.

The Most Upfront Name: A Beach Place Realty

Who wouldn’t want a beach place? Especially in North Carolina? Which is the premise of A Beach Place Realty. The realty company is family owned, and began back in the early 2000s, when a family of realtors decided to specialize in beach properties and beach rentals, as well as property development of beach property in the Topsail Island, North Carolina area.

The family, because of its roots in home construction and home remodeling, has been able to develop properties in the area. The family has worked and lived in the area of North Carolina for over 30 years, which means they are familiar with the area, and has connections in the area to people who can help new residents.

Beach towns often get new residents who retire to the area. In North Carolina, this is especially true, as the state is full of military bases, and therefore, military retirees. The logo shows a beach chair, a beach umbrella, the ocean, and sand, with the name of the realty company in script. The website as well is simple, with photos of the beach interspersed with pictures of beach rentals and beach houses for sale.

Because the real estate company specializes in beach rentals, they also have information on tourist attractions and other activities in the area that tourists might find helpful.

The Most Evocative Name: City Different Realty

This real estate agency, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico has an interesting name that immediately brings to mind that this real estate company is not like the other real estate companies in the area, none of which have names nearly as interesting as City Different (in this author’s opinion, at least!).

The realty company, in business since 1984, has experience in and specializes in residential housing from starter homes to luxury homes. The realty group offers a wide variety of information on their website about the Santa Fe area, because they realize that the majority of their clients are not from the area, but choose to live there or retire there after living in another area first.

The website and the creed of the company has been to give a higher grade of customer satisfaction and customer service than was previously given to clients. In addition, the company markets itself as a great place for real estate agents to work as well, stressing that service and a love of helping people are an important part of the job.

In the case of City Different Realty, the website, the logo and information about the company all work to enhance its mission and vision.

10 Tips to Create Your Own Catchy Real Estate Company Name

Coming up with a name for your real estate business is no small task; after all, your name will stick with you for as long as you’re in business. That’s why it’s important to take your time to come up with the right business name for you.

In other words, don’t rush the process!

Take the time to think about what it is you want your real estate business to convey to potential clients. If there’s one thing you could learn from the real estate company names covered earlier in this article, it’s that a name should communicate what it is you want your clients to associate with you.

Experts have several suggestions for naming your business. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started:

1. Real estate company names can come at any time!

Inspiration strikes at different hours, especially when you’re in the midst of doing something else. Write down company names as you think of them, even if it is two in the morning.

2. Get inspiration from other real estate company names.

Do some research on real estate company names across the country. How did they get their name? Are there names from other areas of the country that you like, but that you could add your own twist to?

3. Keep keywords in mind.

Think about naming your real estate business with words that are most likely to come up on a Google search if a potential client would type a question in the search engine.

4. Take your potential name out for a test drive.

Try out your possible real estate company name on family, friends, and perhaps your mentor in the real estate industry. Listen to the feedback they provide you. Are they excited when they hear your name? Or do they ask a lot of follow-up questions?

If the latter, your real estate company name may not be communicating exactly what you want it to.

5. Don’t lock your name into a specific location.

Be sure that your name is not too specific, because if your name is location-specific, and you decide to relocate to a larger area, your business name might not travel well. If possible, take a cue out of Heartland’s name – their name could be applied to anywhere in the Midwest, not just Kansas.

6. Resist the urge to use your own last name.

Unless your last name is extremely well known in your area, don’t use it to name your business. For example, what if your last name changes? What if clients come to your business and they are disappointed if they don’t get to work with you personally? Also, if you ever decide to sell the company, the prospective buyers may not want to buy, especially if your business is well established.

7. Do a quick web search for your potential name.

Once you have narrowed down your search, make sure it is available online so that you can build a website around the name of your company. You also need to make sure you can get accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Snapchat and Pinterest that can represent your business on social media.

Make sure while you are researching your possible new name, that you go several Google pages deep to make sure your possible new company name is not connected to negative publicity from somewhere else, as that would not be a good way for your business to get off the ground.

If you are able to lock down a domain for your possible name, it’s time to do a mockup of your company name and possible logo on a business card, or as a mockup for a sign. Remember to keep your logo simple. Think about logos that instantly come to mind, such as Coca-Cola, Circle K or McDonald’s. All of those logos are very simple, yet immediately recognizable.

9. Keep your name short and sweet.

In addition, be sure that your company name is not too long. Experts suggest that your business name be between 5-10 letters. If you think about successful real estate companies or service agencies: Houzz, Home Advisor, Zillow, Hometogo, Knock, and Homesnap, you’ll notice that they all have brief, but recognizable names that your customers can search online and remember.

10. Watch out for sneaky bad names.

You need to make sure that your business name can’t be shortened into something you don’t want.

A famous example is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Fayetteville transit system was looking to rebrand, as it was diversifying with buses and trains into several different areas of the city. Focus groups were formed and several different names were tried out. A logo was also created and tried out with focus groups. Public commentary was available, and the public approved of the name. Thousands of dollars had been spent by the town on their new branding, which appeared to go well…

Until the acronym was spelled out the first day on the buses: FART = Fayetteville Area Rapid Transit.

Needless to say, the city had to rebrand, and lots of citizens as well as journalists got the last laugh.

Here’s another great example: Ever heard the one about the Chevy Nova, and its flat sales in Mexico? Company officials (who were all American) could not figure it out, until a Mexican engineer helpfully explained to his bosses that Nova means “no go” in Spanish.

What Happens After You Pick the Right Realty Business Name?

As soon as you pick a name for your real estate business, you should register it, get a business license, and protect it with business insurance.

Let’s talk about those first two items. In many states, registering your business is interchangeable with getting a business license; in other words, you only have to do one to make your realty business official in the eyes of your state.

In other states, however, the process of registering your business is different than getting a business license. Plus, most states have different licensing requirements for real estate agents, meaning you may have to fill out a lot of applications to make things official.

Luckily, we can help guide you through the business licensure process. Check out our handy hub on how to get a business license in your state. Just click on the state your business operates it to be taken to a step-by-step application guide.

We’ve got even more good news: We can also help you with the process of finding business insurance for your brand-new real estate company.

Hold on, you might be thinking to yourself. I just named my business. Why do I need to insure it already?

The truth is, accidents, damage, and lawsuits can happen to all real estate businesses, regardless of how long they’ve been in business. Your first client could be a dream, or it could be a client who accuses you of negligence and decides to sue you.

In today’s litigious society, you simply don’t know – and that’s exactly why it’s so important to insure your business right from the get-go.

Luckily, we can help you with that. Our free quote comparison tool can provide you with real estate business insurance quotes from the nation’s top insurers. Just pick the policy that’s right for your realty, click to buy, and boom – you’re insured.

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Get Inspired By These Real Estate Company Names!

Figuring out the name of your company is no easy task, as the name will stick with the company for years to come –with any luck. Take some time to research and try several different names for your company, and make sure that your name is available for the websites and social media.

With any luck, the name and logo you choose will be brilliant, and will help drive your company towards the top of the real estate industry!

Stephanie Clarke