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A marketing milestone for a new small business is creating a Facebook Business page.

However, successfully running your FB business page can get overwhelming fast. How do you know what your customers want to see? What content will bring you more business? How do you know if you’re posting things at the right time?

The marketing team at Simply Business wants to eliminate those pain points and help you improve your social media strategy with Facebook posts.

We’ll review why you need Facebook templates and how to use them to connect with your customers.

By downloading our FREE collection of Facebook Post Templates for small businesses, you’ll get a head start on smart social media marketing.

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3 Ways Consistent Facebook Content Helps Your Business

1. They save you money with a budget-friendly approach.

Facebook is a renowned social media platform, with thousands of users signing on every day. Instead of blowing your business’s allotted advertising money on print marketing campaigns, you can reach thousands of people with a single Facebook post.

Using Facebook post templates to create content can give you a simple way to share good news, tips, or promotions with your audience. Because you’re able to customize your posts and specify when you publish them, you have a bit more control over who sees your content and when.

Unlike some advertising campaigns, organic Facebook posts on your business’s Facebook page take some time to create — but not any money.

2. They create a strong bond with your customers.

Communication is key in any relationship, including the one your business has with your customers.

With Facebook post templates you can customize, you can give your potential customers a better understanding of your company’s brand, your values, and why they should do business wit you specifically.

You can use your Facebook posts to create content that:

  • Announce eventSource
  • Promote upcoming sales
  • Discusses industry news
  • Encourages communications
  • And more

By creating thoughtful and engaging content on your Facebook business page, you’ll gain the trust of loyal customers.

Remember that your potential customers may be on Facebook, but they also hold the power of word-of-mouth marketing within their social circles and communities.

A Facebook post could easily spark a conversation that leads to more sales for your business.

3. They help you stay relevant.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to keep up with the digital world and its trends. Not only could you miss out on a lot of marketing money if you’re not on Facebook, but you could lose your potential customers’ attention to a competitor that posts more actively.

Creating Facebook post templates can help you make sure that you’re keeping your audience engaged. But beyond publishing, it’s a great place to listen for what your customers are discussing.

Seeing what customers and potential customers are posting and what their needs are can be a good way to brainstorm new solutions and products you can offer.

This will help you with customer acquisition and help you keep the customers you already have happy.

How to Use Our Facebook Post Templates

Thanks to the guidance of our expert social media team, you’ll find a few different Facebook Post templates that you’ll need to use as a small business owner.

The process is simple. First, you will need to copy and paste the template into a separate document. Then, cut out the example names/businesses. Finally, fill in your business’s info.

Always triple-check your content before you hit the publish button on Facebook — you don’t want customers to be confused because you failed to delete irrelevant information from the template

Facebook Post Templates Bring You Closer to Your Customer

By now you have the tools you need to kick off your markting with Facebook posts. Using our 5 free templates for your posts is a way to keep your marketing operations budget-friendly and fast-moving.

Staying up-to-date with social media content helps bring you closer to your customers and audience, which is something all business owners should work towards.

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Legal Disclosure: Simply Business, Inc., is not a marketing firm and does not provide marketing advice. This document is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for obtaining professional marketing advice. We cannot and do not guarantee that it suits your needs. By using these templates, you agree that you are responsible for the content of the posts you create and you assume full responsibility for any outcomes associated with using them.

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