[Infographic] Small Businesses: Your Cheat Sheet to Organic Digital Brand Marketing

Our guide to digital marketing can be done right on your phone, like this small business owner is doing.

If you want your small business to succeed in our digital world, you need to start taking advantage of organic digital brand marketing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, this key strategy will help you keep up with competitors and potentially get ahead of them.

There are many ways to organically market your brand digitally, and some of the most common tactics are actually relatively easy to do. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can easily share branded content or your website or e-commerce shop.

Instead of just reaching your local community, you potentially reach the whole world. If you rely on traditional marketing branding, your local community may be unaware of your store. An online presence helps to boost awareness — even to your locals and neighboring towns.

The bottom line: you don’t want to exhaust yourself with offline marketing branding initiatives without a good ROI. To take your business success to the next level, start using and building an organic digital brand marketing plan. You’ll be glad you did!


Use Organic Digital Branding for Smarter Marketing

  1. Reach more people.

    Bringing marketing to digital allows you to expand your marketing across the globe.

  2. Save money on marketing.

    You can reach more people organically with digital marketing branding.

  3. Use more creative marketing strategies.

    From video to gifs, digital marketing branding offers you the opportunity to tap into more creative strategies unavailable offline.

Key Organic Digital Marketing Branding Tools

  1. Social Media.

    Social media platforms are free to sign up for and offer an opportunity to engage with customers online.

  2. Email campaigns.

    An email list allows you to establish a strong relationship with your customers and amplify brand promotions through digital campaigns.

  3. SEO.

    Putting content on your website that meets Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards gets your webpages to rank high in Google search results.

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Pauline Germanos

When she’s not writing for SB, Pauline runs an intuitive healing business… and is still writing as she types up psychic readings! As she was raised by entrepreneurs, she knows what it takes to be a small business owner.

Pauline writes on a number of topics such as small business owner resources, marketing, and customer service and retention.