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How to Get Your Wyoming Contractors License

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Stephanie Knapp

Stephanie Knapp

6 December 2019

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Not sure what you need to do to get your Wyoming contractor’s license and start your business? We have the step-by-step guide here.

You’re a contractor. You like working with your hands and solving problems. So is sorting through government websites and filling out forms your idea of a good time? Probably not. There’s no way around it, though - you need a Wyoming contractor’s license if you want to start your handyman business.

While I can’t wave a magic wand and make the process disappear, I can make it easier. I’ve sorted through Wyoming’s rules and regulations to bring you an easy-to-follow guide to getting your contractor license.

Why Do I Need a Wyoming Contractor’s License?

I wasn’t lying when I said you need a Wyoming contractor’s license to work on professional projects. Why, though? There’s a good reason for regulating contractors, and it isn’t just a bunch of red tape.

Contractor licensure laws maintain safety and quality standards for contractors in the state. Wyoming doesn’t want to let just anyone buy power tools and start offering contractor services. Can you imagine how much faulty building, electrical, or plumbing work could slip through the cracks if any gung-ho kid could set up shop?

Business licenses not only keep the community safe from bad contractors, but they also protect contractors themselves. Licensed contractors can utilize lien rights for unpaid work. Contractors also benefit from a better reputation of the industry as a whole when standards are maintained.

Another Wyoming contractor’s license requirement that protects you is business insurance. Just like car insurance is financially helpful if you’re in an accident, general liability insurance protects your wallet in cases of property damage or injury.

Applying for a WY Contractor’s License?

You may need to show proof of business insurance to get your license.

That’s where we come in. Compare free insurance quotes for policies as low as $19.58/month.*

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6 Steps to Get a General Contractor License in Wyoming

Grab your notebook and pen - it’s time to go through how to get a general contractor license in Wyoming.

Even though each city may have different contractor requirements and fees, the process will mostly be the same. Here are some typical requirements for licensure that you’ll need to check off to get your Wyoming contractor’s license.

1. Register your business.

Before applying for a contractor license, you need to decide what business structure you want. A sole proprietor may not need to register, but establishing a new LLC will require some paperwork. If your business is already formed, your city may require documents such as Certificates of Good Standing.

2. Have enough years of experience.

A certain number of years or hours of experience are typically required to apply for a contractor license. The amount of experience you need will depend on your city, along with the type of license you’re applying for. For example, a journeyman license will have different experience standards than a master contractor license.

3. Pass an exam.

Licenses ensure that contractors are knowledgeable and experienced, so an exam is required. The test you take will depend on your specialty, but you’ll go through the International Code Council.

4. Get general liability insurance.

The level of coverage your contractor license requires typically depends on your specialty. Your policy will need to cover property damage, personal injury, and potentially public liability.

5. Get worker’s compensation insurance (if you have employees).

If you have employees, the state has a few extra steps for you. Worker’s compensation insurance may be in your future, as well as paying unemployment tax.

6. Submit your application and fee.

The final step in your contractor license application process is filling out a form, sending in all your supporting documents, and paying a fee. How much you’ll need to pay varies by city, specialty, and level of license.

Local Contractor Licensing Info You Need to Know

Every state handled contractor licensure laws a little differently. In Wyoming’s case, they leave most contractor licensing to local jurisdictions to decide. Except for electricians, there are no state-wide license requirements for contractors. Instead, you’ll need to reach out to your town’s government to apply for a contractor license.

You’ll find local jurisdiction websites and contact information here.

Some of the details that can vary from town to town include:

  • Fees for new applications and renewals
  • Experience requirements
  • Types and classes of licenses available

Special steps for Cheyenne

Want to get a Wyoming contractor’s license in Cheyenne? Here are a few special details the be aware of.

Every company must have a qualified supervisor. This is someone who can oversee work being done. If you work alone, you need to be qualified. To become a qualified supervisor, you need to submit details about your relevant hands-on experience and take an ICC National Exam. You'll also need to attend a Licensing Board meeting to answer questions.

There are different classes of licenses for different project types. The license you apply for depends on the type of work you’ll be doing. For example, general contractors will fill out a Class A form, and there are also classes for specialties like plumbing and HVAC.

Special steps for Casper

If you live in Casper and want to set up your contracting business, you’ll need to choose one of the following license paths.

General contractors cover construction projects. Choose this form if you’ll be working on building projects or demolition projects. Heads up - there are different classes for types of projects you can do.

Individual contractors license covers some specialties. Working on plumbing, pressure boilers, mobile home installation, or another specialty project? You’ll submit the individual contractor form. Remember that electricians need a state-level license.

Special steps for Laramie

We’ve covered the typical license requirements, not let’s point our attention to a few unique steps for getting a license in Laramie.

Contractor license vs. certificate of qualification. Laramie has a couple forms to choose from, depending on who you are within your business. The contractor license covers the person doing the contracting work, while the certificate of qualification is for the person overseeing work and being the liaison between the City and license holder. You would apply for the certificate of qualification if you’ll simply be an employee managing projects. However, if you’ll be hands-on with the work, you need a contractor license. Every license holder must be represented by a person holding a certificate of qualification, so you may need to apply for both.

Special steps for Gillette

Live in Gillette? Here are a few things to note about contractor licenses.

You must submit your application a week before a board meeting. Your license application is reviewed by the Board of Examiners at their monthly meeting. Therefore, applications need to be submitted a week before each month’s meeting to be reviewed and approved promptly.

Multiple projects may require multiple licenses. Similar to other cities, Gillette has different license classes for various project types. If you plan on working across a few specialties in your business, you’ll need to submit separate applications for each license class.

Got Questions About Your WY Contractor License?

If you still have some Wyoming contractor’s license questions unanswered, check out Wyoming contractor requirements here.

If you still need to get general liability and worker’s comp insurance before you can apply, get a contractor's insurance quote to ensure you’re covered.

Stephanie Knapp

Written by

Stephanie Knapp

I'm a freelance writer who has always had an interest in entrepreneurship, starting way back with lemonade stands. These days I write to help business owners with their everyday challenges and choices. When I'm not typing away, you'll find me eating pizza, volunteering at the animal shelter, or taking too many pictures of my cats.

Stephanie writes on a number of topics such as state insurance regulations, business licenses, and small business administration.

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