Do I Need General Liability Insurance?

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Do I Need General Liability Insurance?

Most likely you’ll need general liability insurance, especially if your business deals with the public. This is especially true if you work at customers’ homes or offices, as general liability insurance can help cover third-party accidents, physical injuries, and property damage.

Is General Liability Insurance Required By Law?

You may also need general liability insurance if it’s required by your particular state. If that’s the case, Simply Business can help you determine how much coverage your business may need.

Keep in mind that general liability insurance can also help you secure large government contracts or even customers who want proof of insurance. More and more customers are getting very discerning about who they hire - and if you don’t have insurance coverage, they might see you as someone who won’t take their project seriously.

How Does General Liability Insurance Work?

General liability insurance can help keep your business and personal finances safe, meet legal requirements, and even impress customers who might be on the fence about hiring you. Those are some pretty good benefits right there!

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Is Your Business Insured?

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