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[Infographic] Small Businesses: Your Cheat Sheet to Instagram Stories

You can use Instagram stories to boost your business right from your phone, like this chef is currently discovering.

One of the leading and effective trends in social media is Instagram Stories. For just about anyone, it’s a quicker way to update followers on what they’re doing.

For a small business owner, it boosts your brand’s presence, increases customer engagement, and can assist you in converting more followers into paying customers.

In order to increase customer engagement organically and boost brand visibility on Instagram, you’ll need to begin using Instagram Stories more often. The good news is you can share your content posts on your Instagram story.

Since you’re potentially reaching people all across the globe with your Instagram account, the stories feature allows them to see your business behind the scenes and also gives a face to your brand. This helps to establish trust and loyalty, which should convert to sales.


Use Instagram stories to boost customer engagement

  1. Initiate conversation with a video.

    Customers love to see the face(s) behind a brand, so record yourself talking about the brand or your products/services.

  2. Make your stories feel human and authentic.

    People don’t want to feel that you’re pushing your business on them, so talk about yourself, what the current trends are, etc.

  3. Ask questions or take polls using the Instagram stickers.

    Once you’ve taken a picture or video on your story, click on the square sticky icon to add the “questions” button or “poll.”

Market your business with story images and video

  1. Do a virtual tour of your office space/shop.

    An easier way to get locals interested in visiting your business is by showing them what your business looks like on the inside.

  2. Showcase your products.

    Using images, photos, and boomerangs, highlight products or services on your Instagram story.

  3. Remind customers of what you offer.

    Whether it’s an image of your service menu or a video clip of your services in action, it’s a good way to market your business.

Boost e-commerce sales with an Instagram story sale

  1. Reach more customers with inventory not listed on your website.

    If you have a lot of stock, or just don’t want to host an e-commerce site for selling your product, live sales can help sell to customers who aren’t in close proximity to your storefront (or if you don’t even have a storefront).

  2. Provide direct shopping links on your story.

    If you have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can include a “swipe-up” link on your story. Take an image of a product you’re selling, and then add a link to submit payment.

  3. DM customers with more close-up images and videos.

    If you post a picture of a product during a live sale that a customer wants to see more in-depth, DM them more images at different angles to help replicate the in-person shopping experience.

Pauline Germanos

Written By

Pauline Germanos
When she’s not writing for SB, Pauline runs an intuitive healing business... and is still writing as she types up psychic readings! As she was raised by entrepreneurs, she knows what it takes to be a small business owner.

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