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Tailored Carpenters Business Insurance

Your carpentry business is booming - and now you need customized coverage that can keep up.

At Simply Business, we understand the challenges that come along with being a carpenter. We take the time to understand your business, so we can help you find the policy that best fits your needs.

That way, you can focus on what really matters: building your business!

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What Insurance Coverage Do Carpenters Need?

Whether you specialize in general contracting or artisan carpentry, you’re probably spending a lot of time in clients’ homes. That means you’re exposed to plenty of risks, like property damage and accidents. From accidentally breaking your client’s prized plate collection to staining the carpet with paint, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Fortunately, carpenters insurance can keep you protected!

While they vary from state-to-state, carpenters insurance requirements usually involve:

Carpenters Liability Insurance

Carpenters liability insurance - also known as commercial general liability (CGL) or general liability - is a special type of policy that covers your carpentry business in case of accidents and damages. It can also help keep you protected from legal and medical claims.

Let’s take a closer look at what carpenters liability insurance can cover:

  • Accidents: Accidents happen, especially when you’re working on someone else’s property. For example, if your nail gun ends up misfiring and puncturing a hole in your customer’s wall, general liability insurance can cover the cost of patching and repainting the wall.

  • Injuries: You don’t mean for it to happen, but customers injuries may occur when you’re on the job. Let’s say a client ends up tripping over the cord of your circular saw and knocks their front tooth out. Your carpenters liability insurance can help you out by covering any medical bills associated with the injury.

  • Personal damages: Carpenters insurance can be useful if you ever get sued for personal damages. For example, if an employee of yours ends up slandering a previous customer and you get sued, general liability insurance can cover your legal costs up to the maximum amount allowed by your policy.

Carpenters liability insurance usually doesn’t cover:

  • Employee injuries (more on this in a bit!)
  • Damage to your tools and trucks
  • Professional errors
  • Employment disputes

Learn more about how carpenters liability insurance can protect your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Carpenters

As soon as you hire your first employee, you’ll need workers compensation insurance. This policy protects your business by covering the lost wages, medical bills, and legal costs associated with an employee getting hurt on the job.

For example, if you accidentally run over an employee’s foot while backing your truck up (it happens!), your workers compensation policy can cover the costs of that claim. If your employee decides to sue you for that accident, your policy could cover your legal costs.

Most states require carpentry businesses to have workers compensation insurance, so you don’t want to be caught without it.

Learn more about workers compensation insurance here.

How Much Does Carpenters Insurance Cost?

Wondering how much carpenters insurance costs? While there’s no straightforward answer, the final price of your policy is usually determined by:

  • The size of your business
  • The number of employees
  • Your geographical location
  • Your specialities and services
  • And more

Want to get a better idea of how much your carpenters insurance will cost? Just click here to answer a couple of questions about your business.