Who Pays for Workers Compensation Insurance?

Who Pays for Workers Compensation Insurance?

It’s you, the business owner.

Who you pay and how workers compensation gets handled vary from state to state. Generally, there are three ways that businesses pay for workers compensation insurance.

State-run programs. Depending on where you do business, you may have the option to get workers compensation coverage through a state program or insurance fund.

Self-insurance. Some states allow business owners to self-insure their business to cover workers comp claims. Claims are handled and the program is administered by a third party. There are a number of regulations and oversight requirements, so you’ll likely need to do some homework if you plan to go this route.

Insurance companies — This is an option you’ll find in most states. Much like your other business insurance policies, you can get workers comp through an insurance provider. If this is an option in your state, Simply Business can help find providers for you.

Not only can we provide coverage, we can answer questions and help explain workers comp in the language of small business. Just make a call to us at 855-930-2844.

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