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Satellite Installer Insurance That’s Customized for Your Business’s Needs

As a satellite TV installer, you understand the importance of technology and connection. You know the ins and outs of installing complex communication products and systems, and how everything works together. You also know how expensive technology can be and how protecting it saves customers money in the long run.

But are you protected from the risks you face as a business owner?

At Simply Business, we make it easy for business owners to find satellite installer insurance options that fit your needs. From general liability plans to workers compensation, we can help you find coverage plans that protect you from the biggest risks you may encounter.

Getting the right satellite installer insurance through Simply Business is quick and easy too. Just give us 10 minutes, and we’ll show you some of the top insurance policies from providers across the country.

Ready to get the coverage you deserve?

Business Insurance Policies Available for Satellite Installers

  • Professional liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance


  • It can protect your business from certain claims.
  • It can cover damages caused by your negligence.
  • Proof of insurance can help customers feel good about your work.
  • It may be required where you’re located.
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What Type of Insurance Do I Need for My Satellite Installers Business?

Depending on the needs of your business, satellite installer insurance can consist of many policies. When building your satellite installer insurance plan, we may suggest considering these three core insurance policies as part of your overall coverage:

Professional Liability Insurance

As you know, handling your customers’ technology and TV systems requires a great deal of patience, care, and expertise. Your customers trust your experience and knowledge to help them get their technology up and running.

But what happens if something goes wrong while on a job?

That’s where professional liability insurance (PL) can help.

PL for satellite installers can cover you and your business in a variety of scenarios; like if a customer claims you were negligent while on the job. Also, if you have a team working for you, PL can potentially cover your employees, too.

That sounds great, right? But how does it apply in a real-world situation?

Let’s say a customer hires you to install their new satellite on their house. You install the satellite as you usually would, but there’s a big problem — the customer can’t get a good reception based on where you chose to install the satellite. Now, they’re upset and demanding that you fix it.

In this case, professional liability insurance may cover the cost of fixing the mistake, as well as any fees associated with hiring a lawyer if it comes to that. PL protection means you likely won’t have to tap into your savings to cover the costs of the incident. That’s why this type of insurance coverage is a good idea for satellite installers.

In a nutshell, here’s what professional liability insurance for satellite installers can cover:

  • Negligence or alleged negligence
  • Legal defense costs
  • Omissions or alleged omissions
  • Claims and damages
  • And more

Keep in mind that PL insurance usually doesn’t cover:

  • Intentional acts and omissions
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Bodily injury
  • And more

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Do you have an office where customers meet you to discuss their satellite installations? If so, it’s likely you’ll need commercial general liability (GL) insurance. This type of insurance typically can cover the costs affiliated with third-party accidents, property damage, and bodily injuries to a third party (e.g., a customer or vendor).

GL insurance for satellite installers can protect your business from significant claims and costs that you may encounter. Did you know that the average customer injury or damage claim (something that GL covers) is around $30,000?

Without general liability insurance, you may have to cover those costs all by yourself.

So how can general liability insurance protect satellite installers?

Imagine that you’ve just installed a satellite dish, only it falls from the house and lands on your customer’s car. Your customer is furious, to say the least. They demand that you not only pay for the property damages, but also threaten to take you to court.

In this case, your general liability insurance can cover the damage done to your customer’s car, and if your customer decides to take you to court.

In summary, here’s what general liability insurance can cover:

  • Bodily injury to another person
  • Third-party property damage
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Medical expenses
  • And more

Now check out what general liability insurance usually doesn’t cover:

  • Damage to your own property
  • Professional services
  • Workers compensation or injury to your employees
  • Damage to your work
  • Motor vehicles while in business use
  • Expected or intentional injury or damage
  • And more

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you employ any full-time, part-time, or even temporary workers, you may be required to have workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance can cover the costs associated with an employee’s illness or injury they sustain while on the job.

Many states require business owners with employees to carry some form of workers compensation insurance; check out your state’s requirements for workers comp insurance.

Holding an active workers compensation policy can play a role in running a thriving satellite installation business. With the estimated average work injury cost being $41,000 and a whopping $170.8 billion worth of claims filed in 2018 alone, having workers compensation insurance is crucial.

Therefore, it’s a smart business decision to have workers compensation insurance as part of your comprehensive satellite installers insurance plan, even if you employ only a few team members.

Workers compensation insurance for satellite installers can usually cover:

  • Medical payments
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Death benefits
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Why Should I Get Insurance for My Satellite Installer Business?

There’s no question that business insurance is a worthwhile investment. But maybe you’re wondering if you need it right now. If you’re just starting out, adding another business expense may seem daunting.

The truth is, business insurance can be an integral part of reducing the risks you’re exposed to — even if you have only a few customers or if you work out of your house.

Think about it: what happens if a customer meets with you to discuss a satellite installation and trips on your walkway? Or if a customer you recently completed work for is unhappy with the job you did and sues you for negligence — even if you did everything right?

Even though you are as careful as possible and do all you can to reduce the risks associated with being a satellite installer, that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. Here are some of the most common incidents that can happen to small business owners, as well as their average costs:

  • Reputational Harm — $50,000
  • Customer Injury or Damage — $30,000
  • Customer Slip and Fall — $20,000

Those costs can be detrimental to a small business. Luckily, your policy could cover some or all the costs of any claims or lawsuits you may face if you have the proper protection with satellite installer insurance.

On the topic of lawsuits, did you know that 43% of small business owners polled reported being threatened or involved in a civil lawsuit? In other words, your customer could sue you for claims of negligence or damages they’ve experienced from your services — even if you did everything by the book.

Don’t leave the fate of your business up to chance. At Simply Business, it’s easy to find the right insurance plan at the right price. Answer a few questions about your business, and you can start comparing quotes from top insurers across the country.

The best part? We can provide you with a certificate of insurance (COI), so you can immediately provide proof of coverage to customers, vendors, and more.

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Satellite Installers Insurance FAQs

Because satellite installers insurance could be a bundle of various policies, you may be required to carry some coverage, but not others.

For instance, your state may require you to carry workers compensation coverage if you have employees but not require you to carry professional liability insurance. It depends on the nature of your business and your state’s requirements.

For the most part, satellite installer insurance premiums are tax-deductible by the IRS. We recommend you speak with an accountant if you have questions regarding your business’s deductible expenses, though.

The amount of coverage your business may need will depend on a few factors:

  • The size of your business
  • Your business’s location
  • Your annual revenue and payroll
  • And more

If you aren’t sure what you need, our quote form is designed to show you insurance plans based on your business’s needs, based on your answers. If you have additional questions, our licensed insurance agents are happy to assist you.

If you’re ready to check out your free business insurance quotes, we recommend having the following information to ensure the process goes smoothly:

  • Annual revenue estimates
  • Payroll estimates
  • Information on any previous claims

It can, as your state may have different insurance requirements for satellite installers than other states.

That’s why our quote process works so well. Our questions can narrow down insurance policy options for you, based on your business’s unique needs, answers provided, and any other insurance coverage requirements your state may have.

Satellite installers insurance coverage depends on the policies bundled together to meet your needs. If you choose general liability, professional liability, and workers compensation, insurance for satellite installers can cover:

  • Bodily injury
  • Accidents and damages
  • Employee injuries
  • Negligence or alleged negligence
  • And more

The cost of satellite installer insurance depends on your business and its needs. In general, the price of your insurance policies can be determined by:

  • The number of employees you have (including part-time and consultants)
  • Your location
  • Payroll
  • Revenue
  • And more

Ready to see how much your satellite installer insurance may cost? Just click here and get free quotes from some of the top insurers in the country.

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Why Choose Simply Business?

Simply Business is an online insurance platform that makes it easy to compare the best policies and quotes from top insurers. We’re one of the fastest-growing online providers of small business insurance, which is why thousands of customers trust us to protect their businesses.

Why choose us? It’s simple:

  • We’re fast and affordable. You have a lot on your plate, and you don’t have time to worry about your insurance coverage. Our policies are fast, affordable, and ready when you are.

  • We’re flexible. Your business changes over time, so you need an insurance policy that can keep up. We’re here to help make sure you’re protected even as you make changes or grow.

  • We understand your business’s unique needs. You deserve an insurance policy that gets your business. We can help you get that coverage.

You work hard to build your TV satellite installer business, and you should have an insurance policy that protects that hard work.

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