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Customized Insurance For Your Land Surveyor Business

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Simply Business is pleased to provide tailored insurance options from:

Land Surveyor Insurance That’s Made Just For You

Simply Business provides affordable insurance policies that are personalized for property surveyors just like you. Our policies can protect you from financial damage caused by lawsuits, accidents, and more. That way, you can focus on doing what you do best - running your business.

What Insurance Do Land Surveyors Need?

Since you spent about 99% of your day on customers’ properties, you’ll definitely need business insurance that covers you in case of errors and property damage. You may also need a policy that helps cover you in case a customer sues you for incorrectly mapping property boundaries. Let Simply Business build a land surveyor insurance policy that’s personalized just for you.

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Land Surveyor Professional Liability Insurance

Let’s say a client wants to build a new home on a property he just bought. You map out the property lines and advise him where the contractor can build without disturbing the neighbor’s property. Unfortunately, the neighbor later proves that your client built on his property, thanks to your miscalculations. The neighbor promptly sues you, accuses you of errors and demands you pay for his financial damages.

That’s where your professional liability insurance coverage comes in!

If you can show that the mistake was made unintentionally, your errors and omissions coverage may pay out legal costs and damages (up to your policy limit). Professional liability insurance doesn’t cover you if you willingly and knowingly provided bad advice.

General Liability Insurance for Land Surveyors

If you’re spending a lot of time on customers’ various properties, you may need general liability insurance. This type of coverage protects your business from third-party claims of bodily injury or damage to someone else’s property. For example, if you accidentally knock over your land surveying tripod and scratch a client’s car, your general liability coverage may pay for resulting damages (up to your policy’s limit).

Remember, the key here is that general liability insurance covers unintentional accidents and damage. If you knocked over that tripod on purpose (which we hope won’t happen!), your general liability policy won’t be able to protect you. It also doesn’t cover tools, professional services, and more.

Learn more about General Liability Insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Land Surveyors

Do you have full-time employees? How about part-time workers?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, there’s a strong possibility you may need workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance coverage pays out for medical bills, lost wages, and legal costs that might occur if someone who works for you gets hurt on the job.

Most states require land surveyors with employees to have workers compensation insurance, so make sure you add it to your policy!

Learn more about workers compensation insurance.

How Much Does Insurance for Land Surveyors Cost?

Not sure how much your land surveyor insurance will cost? The price of your policy usually depends on the following information:

  • How many employees you have (including part-time and subcontractors)
  • Your location
  • Your land surveyor services
  • Employee payroll
  • Estimated revenue for the year
  • And more

Want to find out how much your land surveyor insurance policy will be? Just click here to answer a couple of questions about your business.